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JPipe user guide

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JPipe user guide
Main steps for the publication
Adding a JPipe element starting from Discovolante web site
Adding a JPipe element starting from Yahoo Pipes web site
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JPipe is a publisher for Yahoo mash-ups called Yahoo Pipes badges (

JPipe allows to easily add to your Joomla! web site any mashup* application already available in Yahoo Pipe as a “badge”. You can also create your own mash-up with Yahoo Pipe and then publish it in Joomla! using JPipe. Using in combination Yahoo Pipe and JPipe, the only limitation to what you can add to your website is your imagination.

The JPipe component is equipped with a detailed user guide.

Examples of Yahoo Pipes you can add to your web site with JPipe are:

  • “Location News” i.e. world news associated to the location in which the event of the news occurred
  • “Image slideshow” i.e. you can show on your site all the images from Flikr, Google images, Yahoo images, etc matching a search criteria
  • “Stock quote watch” to see charts about stock quote of your corporation of interest
  • “Aggregated News Alerts” to view the latest news on a specific argument

*In web development, a mashup is a web page or application that uses or combines data or functionality from two or many more external sources to create a new service.

To be able to permanently access the data of other services, mashups are generally client applications or hosted online. In the past years, more and more web applications provide APIs that enable software developers to easily integrate data and functions instead of building it themselves. Mashups can be considered to have an active role in the evolution of social software and Web 2.0. (Wikipedia)


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